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We hear the claims almost every day, most of the time a email showa up in our in box with tag lines such as:

"Make $5,200 by noon today!"


"I made $464.70 as I slept last night."

Always with a call to action that usually requires signing up and sometimes sending money to the individual making the claim. I am not disputing whether or not those claims are true, they most likely are. What is not reveled in this introductory email is how to make as much money as the email claims, or how much work is involved, or how much time it can take. Most of us, after reading this type of "advertisement" quickly calculates how much money can be made and we get caught up in the "hype".

For a very short timeframe in my life, I worked in an industry when every sale was followed by popping a balloon filled with helium. We used to call this impulsive buying a result of "breathing the helium." Have you ever got caught up in the words and "breathed in the helium?" Of course, we all have.

The reality is that money can be made in the online world, but it takes effort and time to accomplish your goals. There is simply no "quick method" to internet income.

Here are a few real life examples. A gentleman, on the east coast, started his ebay store 7 years ago. At the time he was out of work. His primary job was in construction, and if you know the east coast in the winter time there are very few construction jobs to be had. And so, he decided to begin a small business on ebay, signed up for a store and started listing his products. This year he is on track to sell $45,000 worth of his products. This can be a significant source of income. $3,750 a month is good money. Keep in mind that it took him 7 years to reach this figure but today he is now one of ebay's top sellers, has a ebay store, is a power seller, and is now teaching his son to do the same thing.

Here is another example, I have been working with a woman in California that got caught up in a corporate merger, ultimately losing her job. At 50 something she was fed up with corporate America and simply did not want to enter the "rat race" again. One year later she is now selling $200-$300 a month, is considered an ebay power seller, and her business is still growing. We are working together to find her a drop shipper so that she can expand her business even more.

My point is this, unless you have something unique that the ebay community is seeking and enough of a supply, it can be diffucult to to hit the proverable "ebay home run" right out of the gate. Selling on ebay takes time and work(lots of work) to grow your business.

Here at "" I cut thru the mysteries of making money on the Internet. I show you how to get hundreds of listings on ebay and pay no insertion fees. We research where to find products to sell. Is a ebay store in your future or would your product better suited for a store. And what exactly is a store? I show you the ins and outs of dropshippers, how to find them and if they really are profitable. Perhaps you do not have a product to sell, but are willing to sell (and promote) other sellers products and would like to get involved as an affiliate marketeer.

The reality is there are so many potential opportunities to make real money on the Internet it can become not only mind bollonging but overwhelming. Once the reality sets in we are too quick to abandon our plans, and there goes our dreams of internet income. Here are a few of the options to make money already discussed:

  • eBay
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Drop Shipper
  • Internet blogs
  • Your own website

I am here to help you crawl first, then walk, then walk faster, then (you get the picture) eventually run really fast. But we begin crawling, and that means (in my mind) learning the ins and outs of selling online, and there is no safer place to learn these concepts than with a ebay store, as a ebay seller. This way you have a opportunity to learn the basics required to do business on the net. Finding products, listings, design, Shipping and handeling, getting paid, dealing with returns, and customer service.

My desire with doing this is two fold. I will not promise this does not come with a cost. After all this is a business for me as well, so at some point I will ask for money, but not today, and when I do it will not be much. Today you only need to decide to sign up for my newsletter/blog and begin your online business.

Everyone who signs up for my email list will receive my "free" report, "Selling on eBay" to begin their journey. As a additional incentive, The first 10 busines minded individuals that respond I will personally mentor them for the next two weeks. For two weeks I will work you to get started with your own ebay business. What have you got to lose, a free report and personal mentoring.

What can you expect to occur in two weeks? First, and this is important, you must be willing to do the work to succeed. Let me say that again. . . "You Must Be Willing To Work." There is no shortcut, there is no silver bullet.

Outline of What is covered in my Basic Course

  1. What it means to be a ebay seller
  2. Tools needed for success
  3. Getting Inventory
  4. Listing for "free"
  5. Customer service
  6. What is Next?

Lets begin our journey and grow our bank account. Email Me Today! If you have trouble with the link, send it to

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

Thank you for Reading - Al